Window Replacement FAQ

Q: All these window replacement companies on TV sound pretty much the same…is there anything that makes you different?

A: There are many major differences between us and the other guys…but the big one, the one that really sets us apart, is our philosophy: We believe that replacing your windows and doors should be EASY; a pleasant and worry-free experience from start to finish…and we always do our best to make that happen!

We’ve been in this business for a long time and have even worked for a couple of the big name “high-pressure” window outfits…the ones that make getting your project done HARD. We’ve seen firsthand the negativity and stress that a pushy salesman creates, along with the impersonal approach to projects and “take the money and run” attitude that these same big time companies have…and we’ve seen that on many, many occasions. Too many to count.

Well, we decided that we’d seen enough. High pressure and impersonal, unprofessional service are not for us. We set out to build a window and door replacement business based on simplicity, honesty, respect, personal attention, good old-fashioned craftsmanship, hard work and reasonably priced, top quality energy-efficient windows and doors. And we set out to make it EASY for you, from start to finish.

We may not be perfect (yet!), but we are always striving to be…and we’re always working to be better and easier to get along with than the other guys. That’s one thing that makes us different.


Q: Help! I’ve gotten so much conflicting information from different window salesmen that I don’t know what to believe. I can’t sit through another stressful 3 hour high-pressure sales pitch…but I still need to replace my windows. Can you please break it all down, tell me what’s really important to look for when I replace my windows…and give it to me in plain English?

A: Sure!

Don’t be razzle-dazzled by the sideshow antics of blow torch and heat lamp wielding window salesmen! If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting through a 3-4 hour “free in-home window consultation”, then you probably know what I mean. It can be a confounding and confusing smoke and mirrors magic show that leaves you exhausted…and with more questions than answers.

I’ll try to help…I like to keep it simple, make it all easy to understand, and give you the information honestly and efficiently. So here is the list of what to look for when replacing your windows:

1. Appearance…This is so important, but it’s often overlooked…Do you like how the window actually looks? Will it “fit in” with your home? Remember that you may be looking at that window for the rest of your life…so get one that you like! If you aren’t sure about the one you are looking at, then shop around because windows come in many different styles, from modern to classic. There are more choices out there now than ever before!

2. Performance…Advancements in window insulating technology have made it possible to greatly exceed Energy Star guidelines while keeping the actual cost of the window down. Gone are the days when you’d have to pay $700-$800 (or even $1000!) per window…the price of window technology, like all technology, has come down and super-efficient windows are often very reasonably priced. You could realistically expect to find a double-hung window with an excellent U-Factor of .22 (or R5) for not much more than what you would have paid for a regular Energy Star window just a couple years ago!

…and double-pane windows with an exceptional U-factor (.22, for example) will perform as well as most triple-pane windows in our climate, so be wary of the window salesman trying to push expensive triple-pane windows!

3. Installation…A window is truly only as good as the installation. The most highly efficient window in the world will not perform up to specs if it is installed and insulated improperly. Every experienced installer has his own proprietary installation system. Ask him about it, and if he doesn’t know what you mean, then he probably is not the guy to hire.

4. Warranty…There are enough window manufacturers around today who offer a full lifetime warranty on their products that you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less. A manufacturer’s warranty means that if something should happen to your new window and your installation company isn’t around anymore, you can still get service on the window directly from the factory.

So, in a nutshell:

Look for a double-pane window with an exceptional U-factor (.22, for example) that exceeds Energy Star standards and stays in your budget…a window that you like to look at, has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and will be installed by a skilled and experienced installation technician…it’s really that simple!


Q: My family is on a tight budget. How much do replacement windows cost?

A: Replacement window pricing varies widely depending on what you want and need in your new windows. There are many different energy, glass, design and installation options available that can add to, or take away from, the cost of your replacement window project. According to, you can expect to spend up to $500 per window before any custom options are added.

Our opinion:

An average size, top quality energy-saving R5 vinyl replacement window with an expert installation (including inside and outside finish work) and lifetime warranty will most likely cost around $400-$500 per window.


Q: I really need new windows, but I am very busy and I’m short on time. I’ve heard that some “high pressure” window salesmen will take 3 or more hours to do their “free, in-home window consultation”…and they won’t leave until you sign a contract! Can this possibly be true?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, that is true. Some companies use an exhausting 3-5 hour high-pressure sales scheme that includes the “window consultant” not leaving your home until you are worn down enough to sign a contract…

…but we don’t do that. We respect your time and realize that you probably don’t have hours upon hours to endure several high-pressure “free in-home window consultations”.

We will work with you at your convenience, in a no-pressure atmosphere. We will make solid recommendations based on our experience…and then, if you like what we have to say, we will help you plan your project around what works best for you.


Q: I like to research and think about things before I make big decisions. Will I be pushed to sign a contract featuring a “one day only special” or “initial consultation discount”? This smells really fishy to me…like it’s just another pushy sales scheme.

A: We do not use phony, stressful “same-day” or “initial consultation” discount schemes to pressure our clients into signing something they are not ready to sign.

We understand that replacing your windows is a big decision and a process that involves research and time. We’re here to provide you with all the help you’ll need in making the right decision and you will never be pushed to sign anything. It’s your home and you should never be hurried into something you aren’t sure about.

Improving your home should be a fun and exciting time…and we have always worked to cut the nonsense out of the process so you can relax and enjoy it. We will never tell you what you want, what you like or what you can afford…you tell us. And then we’ll do our best to help you get it!


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